Join 38th Annual Conference of Indian Rheumatology Association

IRACON 2023 – Crossing frontiers in Rheumatology 

  • 23 November pre conference & workshop
  • 24,25,26 November Main conference 
  •   Hyderabad  2023
  • 38th Edition



IRACON is largest Indian rheumatology conference. Join thousands of experts in rheumatology from India and around the globe to expand your network and grow your knowledge. A major goal of IRACON is to enhance your knowledge and expertise and make meaningful connections with others. Join us at the heart of Rheumatology where innovation and collaboration combine to learn, engage, recognize, and grow together.

JOIN THE EVENT Event Highlights

Great Speakers

Over 250 expert presentations by renowned speakers and specially curated industry symposia will be offered.


Connect with new individuals face-to-face and turn your face-to-face meetings into long-term relationships with our integrated in-person platforms!

Knowledge Share

Engage with the rheumatology community. Take part in discussions, get inspired, and fuel your knowledge to create a vision for the future.

Industry Partners

IRACON has a range of opportunities available for interested supporters of the 38th Annual conference of Indian Rheumatology Association

LISTEN TO THE Organizing Team

Dr. B G Dharmanand

President IRA


Dr. B G Dharmanand

President IRA

We welcome all to be part of IRACON 2023 – to establish and share the knowledge of science.

As educating the heath service will fill the gap and strength of our society. Be a part of the science in rheumatology of the country to progress and forward the COVID environment in new normal era.

Our mission is to empower the patients and primary health workers. This congress will showcase the cutting edge basic and clinical rheumatology research. A platform to network with special interest group like Lupus, Vasculitis, Spondylarthritis, Rheumatoid Arthritis, Scleroderma. You can access scientific sessions post conference to enhance your learning experience.

We invite you for a scientific extravaganza to contribute, extract, encourage and update the knowledge in rheumatology within the country along with the knowledge givers and experts from abroad.

Dr. G Narsimulu

Organising Chairman

Dr. I Rajendra Vara Prasad

Scientific Chairman

Dr. Sarat Chandra Mouli V

Organising Vice Chairperson

Dr. Liza Rajasekhar

Organising Vice Chairperson

Dr. Rajkiran Dudam

Organising Secretary

Secretary IRA

Platinum Sponsor


Indian Rheumatology Association

The Professional Organization of Clinical Immunologists and Rheumatologists In India

Let us consolidate ourselves in our team IRA so that we can have a meaningful collective advancement in science and also the art of delivering care to the patients.

Listen, Watch and Learn Science with us. And do not miss reading the "emotions" captured in the beyond science section.

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